Your Stress

You want more time to think + stay inspired, not doing 10 different admin tasks then feeling exhausted.

You want to live a life with meaning + purpose, not being chained to social media or pointless celebrity news.

You want your business as an author and/or podcaster to support you financially, not drain your bank account like a black hole of software subscriptions.

You need to rediscover your favorite hobbies + spend less time in front of a screen.

You need to sleep 7-8 hours a night + move your body more.

You need help organizing + executing your professional vision on a day-by-day scale – that’s where I come in.

My Experience

My name is Victoria Klein + I’m here to help. Every job I’ve ever had has been about helping others – whether I was entertaining them, supporting them, or transforming their chaos into progress, helping is my thing.

As an Author + Entrepreneur for 15 years, I’ve been through personal + public struggles that cost me friends, family, my health, my sanity, and nearly every cent I had.

“Wait, that’s a kind of a bummer – why would you mention that?”

Because skinned knees + bruised egos are how we all grow. My struggles + failures taught me more than any easy success.

My mission? To provide insight + support that cultivates your curiosity + confidence to live your unique, memorable life where technology is optional.

Our Success

Helping dedicated entrepreneurs spend more time ON their business than IN their business makes my analytical side squeal with joy.

When we work together to support your professional vision, we can help your audience more effectively, affordably, and efficiently.

If you’re generating 6-to-7-figures annually as an author or podcaster, but you don’t have a virtual COO running the show for you, your clients can tell. Let’s change that together.

If you’re not an entrepreneur, this website is still for you!

Through articles, a weekly newsletter, + my upcoming 3rd book, I’m here to help you think well, do well, and live well.

My Current Focus

I’m in Austin, Texas (USA), focusing on:

  • Writing my 3rd book (which will also be a new business for me – no biggie)
  • Supporting my inner circle of badass clients
  • Reading – a lot (and writing about it)
  • Having in-person + virtual coffee/tea dates with fellow entrepreneurs + creatives
  • Paying off 100% of my personal debt
  • Moving my body daily, going outside, + eating healthy (the occasional donut included)
  • Studying the Japanese language (goal: spend 3 months in Japan each year)


These are the important things in my life right now. I say no to everything else.

If you have suggestions for article topics, or would like to interview me for an article or podcast, please fill out my contact form below.

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Last Updated: December 9th, 2019

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