Change Anything, 1% at a Time (Atomic Habits by James Clear)

Jul 9, 2019

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Atomic Habits by James Clear

Fun fact: I’m lazy … like, really lazy. Even though my job is to help people manage their online businesses, I’m lazy.

When you think of the word “lazy” it probably brings to mind some specific images – perhaps someone sitting on the couch, overweight, wearing sweat pants, hasn’t showered in days, fast food wrappers sitting around them, + they’re staring mindlessly at the TV. Is that close?

I’m not that kind of lazy … I’m productively lazy. If that sounds like putting lipstick on a pig, let me explain.

Being lazy AND productive is actually easy. I can do it. You can do it. We all can do it. The key is our habits.

The effects of small habits compound over time. For example, if you can get just 1% better each day, you’ll end up with results that are nearly 37 times better after one year.

In Atomic Habits, James Clear does a phenomenal job of explaining how habits are formed, the impact they have on our everyday lives, and, most important, how to break bad habits, make good habits automatic, and allow us the opportunity to be productively lazy – which opens up the opportunity to be more creative + innovative (think of it as mental white space).

Sometimes, when you read a description for a book you think, “What expert copywriter created this pack of lies!?”

That’s not the case with Atomic Habits. This book delivers on everything it promises.

The real reason habits matter is not because they can get you better results (although they can do that), but because they can change your beliefs about yourself.

James’ writing style is clear, informative, and most importantly, well-researched. Not only does he have a spectacular section of references/footnotes at the end of the book, he also has more than a decade of experience testing all the info, ideas, + processes in the book on himself (nerd heaven!).

As a fellow self-experimenter, this book is gold to me.

The ultimate purpose of habits is to solve the problems of life with as little energy and effort as possible.

I could go into detail about what exactly habits are, how much they affect every moment of our day … etc., but that wouldn’t be doing this book justice. James did the hard research for you – all you have to do is read the book + put the processes into play for yourself.

Being motivated and curious counts for more than being smart because it leads to action. Being smart will never deliver results on its own because it doesn’t get you to act. It is desire, not intelligence, that prompts behavior.

Over the course of my decades of self-experimenting, many of the methods in James’ book hit home, but even I learned new things (which you can be sure I’ll be putting into practice right away!). This is one of the best books I’ve read in my 35 years on this planet so far. Yeah, it’s THAT good.

This is THE manual for improving your everyday life + your future. 100% Truth. Full stop.

(Thanks to the Austin Public Library for having this book available to borrow.)

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