What Dancing Naked to Weird Al Taught Me About Being An Introvert

Aug 25, 2017

2 minutes

When I was dancing naked in the shower to Weird Al Yankovic’s “Word Crimes” earlier today, it brought a lot of thoughts to mind.

First, it was damn fun, but that’s obvious, no?

Second, I realized I am really weird.

Third, I imagined that things like this are what most people probably DON’T know about each other (well, now you do).

Most importantly, I knew in that moment that even though I identify as an “introvert”, I’d happily dance to this song in public (with clothes on, hopefully).

That doesn’t sound very introverted, does it?

The concepts of introversion + extroversion have been the hip thing online for years (which would feel like decades in pre-internet days).

Why? Because we (especially our brains) love to categorize things. We enjoy having another clearly labeled thing about us to talk about with other people.

“You’re an introvert? Me too! Now we have something to talk about.”

I’ve connected to countless people online + (gasp) in-person because we both identified as introverts. Some of them I really got along with + we’re still friends. Some of them are assholes + I’ll never talk to them again.

So what did dancing naked to Weird Al teach me about being an introvert?

  1. Being an introvert doesn’t make you a special snowflake – there’s a lot of us, yo.
  2. Being an introvert doesn’t mean you don’t enjoy talking with people in person.
  3. Most importantly, identifying as an introvert can be empowering AND a huge crutch.

Do you identify an introvert?

Swank – welcome to the club.

But if you tell me that you’re scared to speak in public or meet new people or try something new and it’s BECAUSE you’re an introvert, I’ll call you on your bullshit.

It’s NOT because you’re an introvert. It’s because you’re human.

New things are scary to all of us.

If you’re scared to step out of your comfort zone, then you know you’re on the right track – keep going!

To all my fellow introverts, what’s the #1 thing you’re scared to do?

To all the awesome extroverts out there (as many of my friends are), what’s the most confusing thing to you about introverts?

Photo by Andrew Branch on Unsplash

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