Digital Declutter 2019: Procrastination vs Connection (Weeks 2 + 3)

Sep 20, 2019

3 minutes

Digital Declutter 2019: Weeks 2 + 3

Wondering why I’m doing a Digital Declutter for September 2019? Check out this post first.

I’ve avoided writing this post for 7 days, 3 hours, and 31 minutes.

(Well, I wrote that line, got up, got some dark chocolate chips, checked my phone to see if I had any notifications, then came back to finish writing.)

Why am I including all of that?

Because folks, I’ve fallen off the wagon.

Perhaps it was adding Instagram back on my phone.

Perhaps it was because of a big BIG project I’m working on that will affect me personally + professionally.

Perhaps it was because I’ve finally started to embrace how much I enjoy communicating with people.

No matter the reasons, I’ve been checking Facebook + Instagram multiple times a day outside of my two designated hour-long periods of social media time. On top of that, I’ve been sucked in by the salacious allure of YouTube!

Even despite that, I’ve had an incredibly productive two weeks, sticking to my new physical activity routine, and the other new routines I’ve developed + tracked in my Clear Habits journal, along with setting up new systems + processes in the backend of my business AND taking calls with potential clients AND recording two podcast interviews.

So … what’s the problem? If I’m checking social media more often, but also still being productive, what’s the issue?

All my social media checking was driven by FOMO.

While some of it has to do with my new big BIG project, I’ve also been checking social media because I’m in info-gathering mode AND seeking new clients mode. When I’m either of those modes, I tend to spend more time on social media, worrying that I may be “missing out” on some key info or a great opportunity.

The irony is that ANYTHING that I found I was “missing out” on when I did check social media the past two weeks, it was nothing urgent or life-changing. It certainly could have waited for one of my two designated social media time periods.

Long story short, all that social media checking wasn’t worth it, except to reinforce that doing a Digital Declutter is a damn good idea!

I’m also reading Marie Forleo’s new book, Everything is Figureoutable, right now. It’s rather funny that one of the first few chapters is about eliminating excuses + distractions. I got the message.

In the book, she mentions that she downloaded an app to her cell phone to track how much she used it + for what. I’ve wanted to download an app like that for a while, and that was the kick in the pants I needed.

Thanks to the app, I found out that I was spending the same amount of time in Instagram (I don’t have Facebook on my phone) that I allowed for in my social media windows (around 2 hours a day total).

The problem was I was racking up that time at various points throughout the day.

That means I was task-switching quite often and wasting mental + physical energy to try and re-focus each time I switched from one thing to another.

That means I’m also not using my app-blocking app (meta!) enough during the day, which will prevent me from going into Instagram in-between tasks … etc.

The past two weeks have been a whirlwind of changes, and all those changes made me long for connection. I tried to get that connection through social media.

Frankly, I HAVE connected with some amazing people the past two weeks + I’m excited to stay connected with them, but that doesn’t mean I need to be checking social media as often.

For the final 2-ish weeks of the Digital Declutter, I’ll be focusing on a mix of connection + productivity, which means sticking to my social media time blocks + my overall plan for productivity for each day will be key. 

Stay tuned to see how it goes 😉

Weeks 2+3 Pros + Cons


  • Began to track my phone usage in a more specific way (thanks to a new app – ironic?)
  • Been more productive in the past two weeks than I have been the previous month
  • Made progress on my big BIG project
  • Recorded two podcast interviews


  • Spent too much time on social media
  • Felt like I was escaping some of what was happening around me instead of being fully present

Photo by Greg Froning on Unsplash

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