Try it Before You Deny It (Everything is Figureoutable by Marie Forleo)

Oct 29, 2019

3 minutes

Everything is Figeroutable by Marie Forleo

Everything is Figureoutable … but is it really!?

If you follow the online entrepreneur world, you’ve probably heard of Marie Forleo.

Heck, you probably got bombarded with mentions of this book when it came out, making you wonder if it’s really all that amazing.

Most of us have one of two reactions when we hear something recommended to us by numerous people:

1) we trust the volume of their opinions or

2) we are incredibly suspicious of so many people having the same opinion about the same thing.

As someone who has read a ridiculous number of self-help + business-focused books, I can personally say that YES, “Everything is Figureoutable” by Marie Forleo is worth the hype + worth your time to read it.

I’ve followed Marie online for years and this book is a spectacular summation of her overall perspective + education on life and business.

Here’s the problem: 99 percent of the time when we say we “can’t” do something, “can’t” is a euphemism for “won’t.” what does “won’t” mean? “Won’t” means we’re not willing. In other words …

You don’t really want to.

You don’t want to do the work.
You don’t want to take the risk.
You don’t want to get uncomfortable or be inconvenienced. It’s simply not a big enough or important enough priority.

As an entrepreneur for 15+ years, I can’t begin to express how much time, money, tears, and failure I could have probably avoided if I had the insights + tools Marie offers in this book. Even after nearly two decades in business, I still learned a lot from reading the book.

So why did I take so long to write a review about it?

Frankly, I didn’t even know how to start this review. I wrote more notes about this book than any other book I’ve read this year

Also, I didn’t rush through the book – I actually took the time to physically write out my answers to the activities at the end of each chapter. And to answer your next question, yes, it was 100% worth the time and effort.

Fear communicates using the only tool she has: the ability to make you feel. When you sense her presence, she’s sounding a compassionate alarm. She’s doing her best to get you to pay attention. This subtle yet important distinction will help you put down your combat gear and, instead, meet your fear with open arms and a smile.

Fear is not the enemy. Waiting to stop feeling afraid is.

Don’t get seduced into thinking some magical day will arrive when you no longer feel afraid and only then will you be ready to act. That’s not how it works. Action is the antidote to fear. Action metabolizes it. The trick is allowing yourself to feel fear while you take action.

There’s no point in reading a nonfiction book if you don’t have a way to implement or practice what you read.

The activities that Marie has at the end of each chapter make sure you have a path to practice + fall back on when things get tough (and they always get tough).

In our endlessly distracted, overcommitted, overstretched world, writing down what’s most important is a deceptively easy way to stay focused. Writing down your dream forces you to be clear and specific about what you want. Ambiguity is the enemy of accomplishment.

Even if you’re not an entrepreneur and have no desire to own or run your own business, this book can be of massive benefit to you.

We all feel stuck. We all get caught in focusing on perfection over progress. We’re all afraid to take the next big step.

With what you’ll learn – not just random info, but actual executable practices when you feel like you have no options left – from Marie Forleo’s “Everything is Figureoutable” can lead you to your next chapter, your next evolution of yourself + your life. Period.

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