A Problem + Solution, Fueled by Technology (Indistractable by Nir Eyal)

Sep 10, 2019

2 minutes

Indistractable by Nir Eyal

We all know distractions are a serious problem, but can you really be “indistractable?”

Nir Eyal thinks so, and after reading his book, I’m in the same boat.

After reading Atomic Habits by James Clear + Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport, I thought I had a full understanding of the costs of distractions + how to combat them through discipline + habits. Turns out I was just scratching the surface.

All motivation is a desire to escape discomfort. If a behavior was previously effective at providing relief, we’re likely to continue using it as a tool to escape discomfort.

Learning the value of being uncomfortable is something vital to make the most of life, but it’s not a skill we’re really taught – especially today. We’ve become slaves to whatever makes us feel better, rarely delving into WHY we aren’t happy or productive.

More often than not, I find that the solution to my discomfort/distraction is rather simple – I’m simply afraid. Afraid of what might happen if it actually works. Afraid what might happen if I take that small next step, and succeed. 

Instead, it’s much easier to stay distracted – then I have an excuse. I could spend my time on things that other people say are important, but we all know really f*cking isn’t.

Time management is pain management. Distractions cost us time, and like all actions, they are spurred by the desire to escape discomfort.

Nir’s book is written in easy-to-digest small chapters, but don’t let that fool you. He’s packed a lot of useful information, research, and personal insight into each chapter. I found myself highlighting at least one section from each chapter.

From broad-scope concepts like internal triggers + life domains to specific tips for email, social media, reading articles, and time with friends + family, Indistractable touches on it all.

This book is a fabulous springboard to taking control of the day-to-day distractions in your life that you may not even realize are dragging you down.

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