Good News: You’ll Never Be the Same Person Twice

Jan 5, 2018

2 minutes

Does it feel like your life is moving at a snail’s pace? That you’re not making the progress you want, whether it’s with your business/job, relationships, hobbies, finances … etc?

Good news: you’re never the same person twice.

From a biological perspective, your body is perpetually making new cells to replace the old ones. Nearly your entire body regenerates itself roughly every 7 years.

Scientifically, you’re literally not the same person you were a few days, months, or years ago.

There’s more to it than that.

Your personality is a culmination of habits + self-imposed beliefs.

Oh sure, you may be more predisposed to have a hard time throwing a baseball or being social in a room full of people you don’t know or following a strict to-do list, but that doesn’t mean you can’t BE that person.

It’s all choice.

We’re impacted by every choice we made, including how we react to what we CAN’T choose.

Every accident, every fight, every sexual experience, every project you’d rather avoid, every sudden death in the family. Everything you eat, drink, read, study, practice, and most importantly, what you choose NOT to do.

All those things and more are part of who you are.

Sick and tired of a part of you that you don’t like – always being late, eating too much sugar, drinking too much alcohol … you name it?

Change it. Yes, it’s that simple. Decide to change, notice when you are weakest + most likely to fail, and prepare for a way to bring you back on track when those inevitable times happen.

If it doesn’t work or you don’t like the person you become, you can always make another choice to try something else.

Life is an experiment – that’s what’s so fun about it!

Every time you walk into your front door, you’re a different person – either drastically or slightly.

Do more of what will change you for the better. Choose what you expose yourself to, including food, people, books … etc.

Please don’t be blind to the realities of the world, but strive to improve yourself for the benefit of the world. YOU are what you have the most control over.

You’re never the same person twice. What a relief!

Photo by Mike Tinnion on Unsplash

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