Meeting Resistance or Making Excuses

Mar 8, 2019

3 minutes

Hitting a wall sucks (literally and figuratively).

Feeling the floor of your life, your inspiration, your creativity drop out from underneath you is traumatizing.

When you haven’t been in that ever-energizing flow state for what feels like an eternity …

You feel resistance. You feel frustrated. You feel angry.

And then you feel hopeless. You feel depressed. You feel worthless.

You blame yourself for all of your obstacles.

You blame yourself for all the resistance you experience.

And that’s where I have to stop you – to stop you from falling down the rabbit hole of despair where you let the resistance you experience becomes your excuse for not continuing to push forward.

We all experience resistance. We all experience times of zero inspiration and zero motivation.

But please, my friend, do not let that be the end.

I speak from a place of having experienced social anxiety and depression my entire life. I have made every excuse possible, using every setback as a reason to quit trying.

I’ve left behind dreams, passions, and hundreds of thousands of dollars because I was afraid to push back just a little, to push a little further.

Once the despair sets it, the resistance becomes a mountain, when it’s really an ant hill.

We create our own greatest obstacles out of the resistances that make us question if we’re worthy of what we’re working for.

Are you really dedicated enough? Are we really smart enough? Are we really deserving on the attention?

The answer to all three questions is yes. You are being pulled toward what will teach you the greatest lessons and, ultimately, lead to your greatest happiness.

You are not driven to practice or pursue something by happenstance – it is meant for you. It has elements of what your current mindset and emotional state are lacking. It will not complete you, but it will help you help yourself become whole once again.

But right now, as you read this, none of this matters unless you’ve experienced it yourself.

I write (what I consider to be) insightful and thought-provoking things, based on my own experience and research.

If you were writing about the same topics, you’d write it a bit differently, because I can never be you and you can never be me.

You have to go out into the world, try things, experience resistance, make mistakes, and keep fucking going.

That’s why we’re all here, on this planet, at this moment in time: to experience being alive.

Life does not happen in a bubble. Life does not happen when you’re hiding in your closet.

Life happens out there – outside, out in the world, out where you may get hurt, judged, or ignored.

Life can get better. Life can be amazing. Life can be everything we hoped for and more … but only if we meet resistance head-on.

Feel the fear and do it anyway.

Embrace resistance as a sign that you’re headed in the right direction, because even an airplane takes off against the wind.

Don’t look back, you’re not going that way.

Do not fear resistance. Fear the easy path with no challenges, because that is a path that someone else has already traveled.

(This post was inspired by Jason Silva’s Ode to Resistance)

Photo by Branden Tate on Unsplash

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