What Do You Sing in the Shower? (+ Why It Matters)

Nov 10, 2017

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Ah, showers. For me, there’s nothing better after a workout, a long day, or a stressful situation than taking a shower to rinse off all the physical + mental stress.

Plus, the acoustics in there are great.

There’s nothing more vulnerable than being naked – unless you’re naked and singing.

Maybe that’s why so many of us enjoy singing in the shower. We’re alone, we’re vulnerable, + we can let it all out with zero judgments (unlike when you’re belting out a tune in your car).

Music is also a spectacular human invention. I don’t think I have to explain that. You’re a smart one.

Music is the background of our entire lives + a powerful expression when mere words are hard to come by. Words explain, but music is felt.

As you’re reading this, you might be thinking, “Gah, weird, I don’t sing in the shower!”

That’s cool (and boring) or you’re lying. Come on. Most of us do it.

My post about dancing naked in the shower to Weird Al Yankovic has been pretty popular (y’all are weird + I love it), so it’s time to talk about signing in the shower (as if I was running out of boundaries to break with you).

Not just the act of singing in the shower – I could ramble on about that for over an hour – but WHAT you’re singing.

Are they songs about Love? Sadness? Empowerment?

Here are the 5 songs I sang in the shower before I wrote this post, along with some insight into the meanings behind them:

“Stand By Me” by Florence + The Machine

A remake of the original by Ben E. King, this is the theme song for a video game called Final Fantasy XV (15).

No spoilers, but it’s a game of exploration + adventure between four friends, one of which has lost most of his family and, ultimately, must return to the scene of the crime to settle the score. Set in a world with barely any limits in terms of magic + fantastically colored-animals, it’s a damn good game.

After you play through the introduction of the game, you see the four friends going from the city they used to call home into the desert in a black convertible (which they’re pushing because it ran out of gas), and this song plays through in its entirety. It also plays at the very end of the game.

Why It Matters: Outside of the video game references (dork!), this is a beautifully simple song about supporting each other – whether as friends, family, or lovers; doesn’t matter.

As I talked about in last week’s post, as humans, we’re community creatures. We’re destined to thrive when we support each other. 

When I sing this song, I’m reminded that I can be powerful alone, but I’m more powerful when I support others, and when I allow them to support me. Asking for help feels shitty until you realize that, as humans, we enjoy helping others – it connects us, it bonds us, it makes the memories that make life worth living.

“Serenade for Two” by Wouter Hamel

This is an original piece, backed by a beautiful string orchestra + piano, created for season 1 of the ice skating-focused anime, Yuri!!! on Ice (yes, more dorkiness).

Nearly every song on the season 1 soundtrack is a song that one of the characters skated to on the ice. The Italian man (with purple eyes – swoon) who skated did a wonderful job skating to such a romantic song.

While there is a lot of emotion in the song, it is still a “softer” love song that makes my lover blush whenever I sing it to him (so glad right now that no one I’ve had sex with reads my blog).

Why It Matters: Much like community, love is a thread that weaves through our entire lives. Though this song is specifically about romantic love, love comes in all forms – between humans + animals, friends, family, lovers … etc.

I’ve talked about the fact that you don’t have to love yourself before you can love something or someone else, and I used to have some pretty narrow-minded Disney-like ideals about love.

Nowadays, it almost feels like love is an over-used word … almost. We need love. Yes, you too. But before we can have love, we have to give love. Give more love than feels safe, because keeping your heart + Soul “safe” will never make you happy.

“Let it Go” by Idina Menzel

It’s hard to believe that this song was released back in only 2013 – it almost feels like a classic now. The main song from Disney’s movie, Frozen, it’s a song about tossing off the shackles in your life + experiencing ultimate freedom and self-acceptance.

If you know the song then you know it’s not easy to sing (the gal they have singing it is an experienced Broadway performer), but that’s why we sing it in the shower, no?

Why It Matters: F*ck fitting in. We may be community creatures, but being a fake version of yourself to be accepted is as bad as tax fraud or choosing your career over family if you ask me.

Accepting yourself, funky flaws and all, is the hardest challenge in your journey as a human. Don’t expect it to happen overnight, but don’t stop working on it.

Start inside. Start with you. Everything grows from there.

“I Hope You Dance” by Lee Ann Womack

I remember this song for a very specific reason.

In high school, there was a gal I knew in my sex ed class (I know, but stick with me). We were getting to know each other a few days into the class. She shared that she + her brother were adopted by a great family + they never knew their birth parents. Earlier that year, their adopted father was very sick. Before he passed away, he played this song for her + told her to listen to it anytime she felt scared or lonely.

I was sitting next to her as she told the story. Yes, we both cried. I held her. She thanked me. And we all moved on with our lives.

That night, I went home + listened to the song. I thought it was beautiful + supportive, and that was that.

Years later, with my father suddenly passed away at the age of 48, I remembered that gal from class + this song. I listened to it again + balled my eyes out. Since he passed away in 2006, whenever I need a reminder to push myself out of my comfort zone or to simply keep going, I sing this song.

Why It Matters: Feeling supported by those closest to us doesn’t always happen. My parents were loving + supportive in a detached way. My happiness was mine to find – as long as I wasn’t doing anything illegal + I was happy, they were cool about it. If I needed them, they were there.

That being said, I’ve had very few people in my life that actually gave me words of encouragement. Most of the supportive talk I got was related to my straight-As. As long as I was getting good grades, people paid attention to me (a very dangerous lesson!).

Since then, my rollercoaster of depression + anxiety had led me to learn some lessons the hard way. It may seem harsh, but it was worth the struggle because I’ll never forget that battle-scarred wisdom.

Knowing others believe in us is incredibly empowering, but if we don’t believe in OURSELVES, we won’t get anywhere close to where we want to be.

Keep going. Get up. Try again. Take action. You deserve it.

“I Can’t Give You Anything But Love” by Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga

If you’re a fan of jazz or big band music, then you know Tony Bennett. If you have the internet or use social media, then you know Lady Gaga. I never imagined these two would team up, but I’m delighted they did.

Over the years, I’ve gotten a lot of feedback on my singing voice, most of which was quite cruel (showbiz sucks, folks – sing in the shower instead!). The most common bit of insight I’ve gotten that was actually useful was that I was born in the wrong era (OK, maybe not so useful). My voice is well-suited for the big band-style music of the 1950s – think Tony Bennett, Frank Sinatra … etc.

It won’t come as a surprise that, out of all five songs on this list, this is my favorite one to sing – and yes, I sing both parts. Originally a Billie Holiday song from 1937 (though some say it’s actually Fats Waller’s song), this updated version has some real jazz-fueled power behind it.

(For all my gaming dorks, you know I adore all of the soundtracks from the Fallout games – they have the best music.)

The song itself has a simple theme of “Hey, I’m not rich – all I can offer you is love. That cool? Then we can get rich together.” I dig it.

Why It Matters: Love doesn’t have to be complicated. Neither does your business or your life.

Love is love is love. It overcomes all when it’s truly meant to (and it’s always worth it).

If all you have to offer is your love, your expertise, your time, your attention … that’s enough. The simple things matter the most.

If you can afford to be fancy, think twice – is it worth it? Is this truly making things better, or am I being flashy instead of useful?

Keep it simple, babe. If it can’t be simple, you’re trying too hard.

So … what do you sing in the shower?

(no judgments – I sing Weird Al too 😉 )

Photo by Jason Rosewell on Unsplash

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