When Did We …

Oct 28, 2020

2 minutes

When Did We ... by Victoria Klein


When did we …

When did we decide …

When did we decide, as a creative, innovative, “enlightened” species …

To judge our worthiness with one (financial) number?

To wield the sword of shame at an attempt to self-inflict strength?

To put everyone else’s hopes, dreams, and goals before our own?

To refuse to slow down long enough to hear, to feel what we really want?

To outsource our most-important decisions to people we’ve never met?

To allow our comfort zone to be our prison of “security?”

To seek out confirmation (validation) more often than we seek to be questioned?

To think deeply only when we’re paid to do so?

To see our differences as weaknesses to be corrected instead of lessons on love?

To use “hopes and prayers” as an excuse to avoid taking vulnerable action?

To believe that the truth and the facts are the same things?

To plan only for the worst, with no plans to celebrate the best?

To perceive our “flaws” as fatal character traits that prove we don’t deserve to be happy?


When did we decide?

When we decided to fill the peaceful void of silence with words, images, and sounds at every turn, giving our minds and Souls no chance to speak their truth.

When we decided to put our “need” to feel important or valuable above our inherent desire to help those around us (we are a social/group species, after all).

When we decided that “different” was synonymous with “bad,” suffocating the natural curiosity that made our childhood so memorable.

When we decided that we had to prove our “worth” to everyone who crosses our path, instead of embodying our worthiness by the sheer miracle that, in all of human evolution, we are here, alive, today.

When we decided to avoid the hard conversations in favor of the quickest dopamine hits we could get.

When we decided that vulnerability was to be avoided at all costs, lest we find ourselves in a situation where only deep, inner work would allow us to be happy, healthy, and to experience love fully.

Ultimately …

As a creative, innovative, “enlightened” species …

We decide, over and over again, day in and day out …

Each time we, as Brene Brown says, put our armor on …

When we sit in the stands instead of fighting in the vulnerable arena of life …

When we see ourselves as separate, divided, even when our hearts, our Souls call out for a connection …

When we decide to run from or layer masks over our need to heal, to grow at our own pace …

When we allow the natural external chaos to create chaos within us …

When did you decide?

You have the opportunity, each day, each moment, to be kind, curious, compassionate.

What will you decide?

Photo by Dario Veronesi on Unsplash

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