You Are Not the Sum of What You Create

Feb 15, 2019

2 minutes

Articles, books, poems, paintings, sweaters, furniture, songs, equations, shoes, recipes, photographs, dance routines … the list of things humans can create is theoretically endless.

As a species, we’ve become rather adept at creating things that people will remember for many years after we’ve left the mortal world.

But is that all there is?

Is that what humans are here for: to create and die?

Depending on your spiritual or religious belief, the answer is yes, no, or maybe. (Not very helpful, is it?)

Creating things helps us to bring wisdom, conversation, and emotional fulfillment to people we may never meet.

Whether the creation is meant to be inspiring, informative, or useful in everyday life, we’re often looking for the next dose of motivation or spark of originality to set us apart from others.

We create because our soul speaks through the medium we choose to create with.

We create because we hope to connect with others who share similar experiences or desires.

Most often, we create because we seek confirmation. 

We seek acknowledgment. We seek validation. We seek consent.

Consent to try. Consent to grow. Consent to exist.

Because why else are we here but to create? To bring something to life that didn’t exist before?

Here’s a better question for you: who are you when you aren’t pursuing or creating something?

My entire life has been built by focusing on, “what’s next?”

Painting, singing, acting, modeling, writing, photography, entrepreneurship … the idea of not working toward SOMETHING feels like the cells in my body are shriveling up.

Even after becoming a Yoga teacher, and practicing meditation for years, I still have a hard time “existing” without referencing what I’m working toward.

Can you relate? Can you comfortably sit and do nothing else; nothing that gets you one step closer to where you want to be?

Can you be happy with yourself, at this moment, without needing to change or make something to show you deserve to be here?

It’s hard. It’s incredibly hard.

Humans are social creatures. We want to connect. We want to support.

Everything we share, everything we create, is a direct reflection of who we were at the moment it was created.

Since your last creation, you are different, but no version of yourself needs to be validated by pushing you to create more.

Create because you love to share. Create because you love to connect.

The only validation and permission that will bring you true happiness is your own.

Photo by Amaury Salas on Unsplash

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