Ahhhh, vacation! Many of us plan our lives around when (and how often) we’ll have a chance to do absolutely nothing.

But do you actually REST during your time off? And is it all that EASY to rest?

Again, for many of us, the answer to both questions is, “NO!”

… but why?

WHY do we find it so hard to rest, even when we’ve set aside time specifically to rest?

There’s a very simple concept that will help explain it: Newton’s First Law.

“An object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion with the same speed and in the same direction unless acted upon by an unbalanced force.”

In other words, you and I are used to going, doing, accomplishing SOMETHING.

Even when we’ve set aside time to rest, reflect, and recharge, we find it hard to do very little for too long.

Oh sure, maybe you can sit on the beach for an hour or read a book for 30 minutes, but how soon before you need to get up and move; or check your phone; or clean something, or find any other thing to DO instead of actually resting?

If this all sounds like preaching, I’m in the same boat you are.

I’m writing this article on day 2 of my 5-week winter break from college. While I’m still running my online business this week, before taking 2 weeks off for the holidays, I can’t say with confidence that I’ve rested that much in the last 48 hours.

Truthfully, I’ve felt anxious and twitchy – like I need to get up and MOVE. That’s why on Sunday, I walked over 1 mile to go to my college campus, then I walked around for another hour. Today, I took the train to downtown Austin, had lunch, then took the bus up to campus to walk around and write this article.

But is it all bad news? Not at all. It takes TIME to slow down. It takes TIME to speed up. 

While I may not have “rested” that much so far, I have been doing things that I don’t normally have time for: exploring the city I live in; walking and exercising more frequently; taking more photos; reading more books; and reconnecting with friends.

Every one of us humans needs to rest. We need to sleep. We need to sit still. We need to realize we have value, even when we’re not accomplishing or producing something.

Though we all need to rest, we all recharge a bit differently. Maybe you sleep in. Maybe you read more. Maybe you meditate more. Maybe you spend more time with friends and family. Maybe you go to the gym more. Maybe you get a massage. Maybe you try a new restaurant … etc.

HOW you recharge is not as important as the fact that you MAKE the time to do it regularly – even if it takes you a little extra time to slow down.

If you’re about to go on vacation for the holidays, take heart. Slowing down is difficult – DON’T resist the difficulty, but DO force yourself to rest a little bit more each day.

The more you practice resting, the better you get at it. *wink*

Photo by Hernan Sanchez on Unsplash

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