Secrets From Your Inner She-Dragon

Jun 28, 2019

3 minutes

Despite the title, this isn’t just for the ladies. Guys, stick around – you have an inner dragon too (that sounded dirty, didn’t it?)

I’m a sucker for comedy specials. I like to laugh and comedy is truly an art.

Being able to turn a phrase is just the right way to have countless people laughing – that’s intense.

I recently watched Iliza Shlesinger’s Elder Millennial Netflix special. Spoiler alert: I highly recommend it.

During the special, she shared a concept that still sticks with me:

What I’ve always found so endearing about men – I find many things endearing about you – but you think we stay that put-together once you’re gone? You have no idea. They have no idea what lies beneath. You have no idea that under the hair, and the make-up, and the lashes, and the bras… for every woman, lies the beating heart of a hungry, exhausted, annoyed… she-dragon! And she is waiting to come out. She comes out every couple hours. Like opinions, sweat, urine. Hopefully you pee more than every couple hours, still. She’s got to. You gotta let her out, and she’s waiting.

Ladies, can you relate to this?

That feeling that there’s this hungry, exhausted, annoyed part of you that you have to keep locked away until no one is around to see you be … less than perfect?

Growing up in the 1980s + 1990s, there was certainly pressure to look good, act nice 24/7, and always be doing something worth talking about. Now, in the social media era, the pressure is exponentially worse.

Do you have an Insta-worthy house? Wardrobe? Meal plan?

Can you look good in a photo, not matter what time of day it is or what the lighting is like?

Are you ever actually honest about how you’re feeling + what you’re struggling with?

I imagine that men feel their own types of pressure, thanks to society’s obsession with muscular, impeccably groomed, I-can-fix-anything-with-my-bare-hands image for men.

That being said, I can only speak on what it’s like as a woman.

Day-to-day, living with the pressure + awareness that you’re always being judged almost solely on your looks.

The incredible lack of compassion for ladies trying to navigate in a world that tells them to be strong, do you own thing, + focus on self-care, but in reality, they’d still rather have you stay quiet, do all the chores, and put everyone else first.

What’s your inner she-dragon trying to tell you?

Guys, I want you to answer this one too.

What’s the inner pissed-off voice saying?

Are you tried? Hungry? Overwhelmed? Afraid? Confused? Hopeful?

Your inner she-dragon holds the secrets to your sanity. It’s the snarling alarm that draws attention to what actually matters versus what everyone else wants to focus on. It’s your scale-covered inner compass, leading you toward what will actually make you happy + feel valued instead of trying to fit into a painful mold.

Your inner she-dragon holds a crystal ball that can show you your future, if you stay on your current path. It’s never a good future, but you can change it – if only you’ll pay attention to your she-dragon’s warnings.

My inner she-dragon is usually focused on 3 things: food, silence, + time to think.

When I don’t have those 3 things on a regular basis, my inner she-dragon gets … annoyed, to put it mildly.

Add in some free time to do creative things + be physically active, and I’m either a puppy full of joy or a demonic she-dragon, terrorizing the metropolis.

I think the only reason mine inner she-dragon needs to get out is because I’ve been ignoring her. No one likes to be ignored, especially when they’re actually being helpful.

Society’s pull to look, act, + be a certain way is ridiculously strong (we are social creatures after all), but I plan to listen to my inner she-dragon more often. It’s got the answers I’m looking for.

Photo by Sarah Phillips on Unsplash

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