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As an Author + Entrepreneur for over 15 years, I’ve been through personal + public struggles that cost me friends, family, my health, my sanity, and nearly every cent I had.

“Wait, that’s a kind of a bummer – why would you mention that?”

Because skinned knees + bruised egos are how we all grow. My struggles + failures taught me more than any easy success.

My Zone of Genius: I examine modern life + work (both employed and self-employed) through a multi-disciplinary lens. Put bluntly, I take in a metric f*ck ton of info on a regular basis, distill it down, and make it useful for you, now.

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A memoir + self-improvement guide through 15 years of depression, anxiety, false starts, wrong turns, + getting the f*ck out of your own way.

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VK is a prolific writer and she knows her stuff. I share her books + articles with friends, family, and strangers all the time!

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