Is the backend of your business your ultimate sidekick?

The Robin to your Batman.
The Luigi to your Mario.
The fries to your burger.

Does the idea of doubling or tripling your monthly revenue make you laugh hysterically?

Does fielding your team’s (neverending) questions make wine at 10 am look viable? (it’s 5 o’clock somewhere, right?)

Does making sense of all your software + systems make you wonder why computers were invented? (what happened to actually solving problems?!)

OK, running a business is a lot of work – you know that because you’re still pulling 10-hour days, 6 days a week even though your sales are $100K, $500K, or even over $1 million/year.

The important question is why is your business operating with CHAOS at the helm?

Imagine not just achieving doubled or tripled consistent monthly revenue, but flying past that goal at 80 miles/hour (maniacal laugh optional).

Imagine having systems and processes that allow your team and your tech to work to your advantage (without 100s of questions a week).

Imagine a smooth-running backend that lets you regain 5 hours a week on your calendar (that’s 20 hours a month – for most of my clients, that’s worth $40,000+ per month).

Hello, I’m Victoria Klein.

(but most call me VK (she/her))

I’m an Author, Mindset-meets-Business Strategist, + Systems nerd (Certified Online Business Manager™) dedicated to helping 6-and-7-figure bogged down service providers become streamlined business owners with a business backend overhaul.

Why Working With Me is Awesome


You’re not looking for an amateur, are you?

With 5+ years of full-time experience supporting 6-figure + 7-figure entrepreneurs, I bring every ounce of that knowledge, insight, + quality into our working relationship.

We’ll get you measurable results, together!


In 6 hours, we can get up to 3 months of work done together – that is the definition of speed.

No more, “good enough.” If it’s worth doing, then it’s worth doing G.R.E.A.T. (G.old, R.esource, E.ngage, A.ssemble, T.reat) (and automated, if possible!)


Your job? Leading the vision + growth of your business.

My job? Making it as simple as f*cking possible for you to do that.

We’ll delegate + eliminate the distractions together, with all of your next steps clearly outlined + additional accountability built-in (and I’ll buy you lunch!).

Click the button below to book your FREE 30-minute Discovery Call.

We’ll talk about your ideal business life, your current business life + how to bridge the two together.

I’ll ask the important questions to get to the heart of why your business isn’t getting the support it needs (and how to fix that!).

How We Can Work Together

Step 1

Free 30-Minute Discovery Call

Step 2

Pre-Intensive Questionnaire + Suggested Prep for our 6 Hours of Badassery Together

Step 3

One-Day 6-Hour Intensive with You + Me (and a free lunch!)

Step 4

Post-Intensive Detailed Action Plan, Q+A Support, + Accountability Call

Step 5

Success + Sanity!

I feel so much more focused on my own personal zone of genius. VK provided me with exact timelines, checklists, action steps, and resources that are not just for me, but provide guidance and direction for delegating to others on my team and empowering them to own their strengths as well.

She leveraged my own passions and pointed out the exact place where I can hire help to give me time back immediately. Now, I’m able to get back to the more important parts of visioning and structure that will allow our business to scale.

Two words: Do it! I know this is the stuff you may keep putting off until _____ happens. But this is truly the stuff that’s going to open up spaciousness when you make it a priority.

Beryl Young


A Business Backend VIP Intensive in 3 Acts

  • I’ll send you a Pre-Call Questionnaire: This helps to ensure that we make the most of our day together. I’ll review your questionnaire personally and prepare strategies and recommendations before our VIP Intensive even starts.
  • You’ll also get Pre-Call Prep Details: Less than a week before your Intensive, I’ll send you an email with tips + insights to help you be prepared for the day, ensuring as little interruptions + tech hiccups as possible. (Oh, and some mindset stuff – you know, the basics + some extra goodies)

Woohoo, Intensive Day!

You. Me. 6 hours (with breaks, of course, cuz everyone has to pee!).

We’ll be focused 100% on your business, your strategy, and most importantly, your systems.

We’ll follow my G.R.E.A.T.  framework for making the most of our time together:

  • G = Gold: A detailed overview of the key systems that run your business (the backbone of your systems and processes, aka your Business Gold)
  • R = Resource: An outline of all your current team members, their roles/responsibilities, possible growth areas, + which systems they are/will be in charge of
  • << LUNCH – I’ll have food delivered to you + we can chat about anything under the sun <<
  • E = Engage: Together, we’ll create 2 COMPLETE step-by-step systems for the 2 key tasks that will free up the most time in your calendar + space in your brain to be the Visionary your business needs (AND which team members will be taking on these systems starting tomorrow!)
  • A = Assemble: I’ll provide specific recommendations for resources, simplified software, + other professionals for knowledge or support gaps you may currently have in your business (my network is your network, darlin’)
  • T = Treat: To wrap up the day, we’ll find the “treats” in your calendar – what you love doing + lights you up as a business owner/human/badass – and figure out how you can do more of it (this is the mindset hour, my friend)

(Optional: have your VA, OBM, or COO attend part or all of the Intensive with you!)

  • Within 48 hours, I’ll send you a comprehensive Post-Intensive Guide: Have you ever tried to take notes for 6 hours? FYI: it sucks. But you won’t have to worry about that. Within 48 hours of our Intensive, you’ll get a detailed PDF with all of the systems, strategy, and custom recommendations and referrals we talked about. Bonus: You’ll also have very clear, specific next steps to keep the momentum going! This is your ENTIRE VIP Intensive, summarized in ONE place.
  • Got more questions? You’ve got unlimited access to my brain for 2 weeks: We can get a lot done in 6 hours, but after the firehose of awesomeness that is the Intensive, you’re bound to have questions. And that’s why I’ll still be here for you for 14 whole days. Ask me anything.
  • Accountability? You’ve got that too: Within two weeks of the Intensive, we’ll have an additional 60-minute call together to check-in on the progress you’re making and how many steps you’ve checked off your post-Intensive list.
  • Not ready to go at it alone? I got you: After your Intensive, I’ll also share options for how we can continue working together privately, based on the progress we make and what your business REALLY needs.

Your Investment

Business Backend Overhaul VIP Intensive

Done With You

The next round of 5 spots for the BBO Intensive are only $3,497 per day.

No back-and-forth emails. No delays.

Just clear + measurable results, in ONE day.

Once those 5 spots are booked, the price will go up.

>> Only 2 spots left at this price! <<

Certified Online Business Manager Victoria Klein

Responsible, quick, effective… all the things I love about VK!

Jess Lively


You Got Questions? I’ve Got Answers

Will an Intensive work for my business?


A solid, organized foundation is vital for any 6, 7, and 8-figure business. ⏫

Whether you offer coaching, strategy, implementation, management – ANY type of service – you need systems, processes, and a clear focus to help your audience achieve their goals while you and your team achieve yours!

Do I have the time for an Intensive?

Spending a whole day on systems does sound like a hefty time investment, but you and I, together, can get more done in one single day than months of back-and-forth emails with consultants, strategists, and team members.

One day. 1️⃣

Real results.

Real time rescued from your weekly calendar. 📅

Am I ready for an Intensive?

Only you can answer that.

Are you ready to get out of your own way, regain at least 5 hours a week from running the admin side of your business, and delegate like never before?

If so, then YES, you’re ready (feel the fear and move forward). 💪

Can I afford an Intensive?

A valid question – finances can be crazy right now!

That’s why the Intensive is split into two payments, making it easier to afford + budget for. 💲

Plus, the sooner we get these systems set-up for you and your team, the sooner you can regain that 5 hours a week on your calendar.

That’s 20+ hours a month – how much is that worth to you? 😮

(For most of my clients, that’s upwards of $40,000!)

What if I have a team member that can do this?

Fantastic, have them join us on the call for the day so they can see the entire process at work and be able to replicate it for you, efficiently and effectively. 💻

They may also be able to provide some unique insight as well!

Couldn't I do all this on my own?

Having grown your business as much as you have, you’ve certainly tried to lay this foundation before … but then it got pushed back, and pushed back, and … you get the idea.

What would be different about you trying to do it now? 🤷

In one day, you can have your solid foundation started and ready for a team member to put the finishing touches on right away.

How can you do all this in one day?

This is my Zone of Genius, my friend. 🤓

You’re supremely badass at what you do, but that doesn’t mean systems and organization are inherent to you.

The good news is: THAT’S OK because it’s not your Zone of Genius … but it is mine, and 5+ years of working inside 6-figure and 7-figure businesses have prepared me to help you have a BIG impact on your business (and your calendar) in just one day, so let’s do this 😎

Victoria has helped us set up incredible systems in all business areas, including transitioning us to a project management software so our entire team is now up to speed on tasks and communicating efficiently outside of email. In other words, she has greased the wheels of our business so we run more smoothly.

I love how Victoria brings enthusiasm and personality to everything she does, not to mention lots of smart and savvy solutions. She has the ability to take the things that I’m struggling with as a business owner and whip up a very simple solution. It’s clear that she loves helping entrepreneurs get shit done with more ease and efficiency.

I would recommend Victoria because I trust her to do the best job possible, and to be honest if a task falls outside of her expertise. Victoria truly wants what’s best for you and your business, so she’s definitely someone you want in your corner.


Jamie Jensen